Community Soccer

Laurier Soccer Outdoor 2022

February is registration month and you have until Friday, March 11th to register and pay online. Arrangements for other forms of payment can be made by contacting Janice at Please note any registrations received after March 11th cannot be guaranteed placement. Don’t miss your opportunity to get your child involved in this fabulous community sport!

How do I register?

  1. Sign in or create an account on the EMSA soccer portal. You must have a current community league membership (resembling 21 -*****) to register. Community league memberships can be purchased through Jen: or through the EFCL website. 
  2. Payments can be made online until March 11th directly through EMSA West. Make sure you choose the correct community where your child is planning to play. If you are registering a new player to the EMSA program, you will also need to verify a date of birth: DOB verification. 

The outdoor soccer season is scheduled to begin the week of May 1st, dependent on weather. 

Our U4, U5 teams play in house and will not be travelling outside of the community. U7 teams will also play in house if we have enough players. U9-U11 teams play in the West Zone. U13-U19 teams play city wide and in surrounding areas.

Age Division Birth Year(s) Game Day(s) Fee
U4 Mixed 2018 Sun @ 2:00, in house $115
U5 Mixed 2017 Sun @ 2:00, in house $115
U7 Mixed 2015 / 2016 Mon & Wed @ 6:15, in house if possible $140
U9 Boys/Girls 2013 / 2014 Tues & Thurs, (some Sun) West Zone $185
U11 Boys/Girls 2011 / 2012 Mon & Wed, (some Fri) City Wide $200
U13 Boys/Girls 2009 / 2010 Tues & Thurs, (reschedule Mon) City Wide $245
U15 Boys/Girls 2007 / 2008 Mon & Wed, (reschedule Tues) City Wide $250
U17 Boys/Girls 2005 / 2006 Sun & Thurs, (reschedule Wed) City Wide $250
U19 Boys/Girls 2003 / 2004 Sun & Tues, (reschedule Wed) City Wide $250

If you have questions, please feel free to contact Janice at

We continue to honour Julie Rohr in Laurier. Some of you may not be aware that Julie was a Team Manager for a Laurier team and a very dedicated soccer mom. The newest jerseys purchased by the U15B Eadie/Tennant team proudly display Julie’s initials, outlined in Julie’s favourite colour, on their sleeves.