Community Soccer

Dear Laurier Heights Soccer Families,

We need to inform you about a significant change within our soccer program. Our long-time soccer coordinators, Janice Haugjord and Ofer Pittel, who have dedicated over a decade to nurturing our soccer community, are stepping down from their roles.

Janice and Ofer have been the backbone of our Laurier Heights soccer program for years, and their commitment, hard work, and passion have made it possible for countless children to enjoy the thrills and joys of the game of soccer. We can’t thank them enough for their service and dedication.

We are in need of new volunteers to step into these crucial coordinator positions. **Without new coordinators, we will not be able to offer a Laurier Heights soccer program this year.**   We are at a critical juncture, and the future of our soccer program depends on the involvement of dedicated families like you.

Here’s some vital information for those considering volunteering for these positions:

Support and Transition: Janice, with her over 12 years of experience, is more than willing to pass on her knowledge and expertise. She can provide files, guidance and support to new coordinators. Additionally, Edmonton Minor Soccer Association (EMSA) West is ready to assist with in-person training sessions to ensure a smooth transition.

Flexible Arrangements: We understand that the coordinator roles can be time-intensive, especially during the spring season. However, we are open to finding an arrangement that works for the volunteers. We can explore different options to make the role more manageable and fulfilling. One option we are exploring is to split the coordinator role into two positions, one for Minis (U7 and under) and another for U9 and older. This separation was how Laurier Heights was originally organized in the past.

For those wondering about the time commitment, the busiest period is undoubtedly during the spring, with intense work for about 3 weeks setting up teams. This will require 10-20 hours per week. Throughout the soccer season, the commitment drops to 5-10 hours per week. EMSA board meetings occur a couple of times a year and are essential for receiving a substantial bond back.

In the unfortunate event that we don’t find volunteers, registrants will be directed to nearby communities for soccer programs.

We urge anyone who is willing and able to step up and continue the legacy that Janice and Ofer have built within our soccer community. Your involvement is crucial in ensuring your children have the opportunity to play the sport they love right here in Laurier Heights.

Thank you for your support, and let’s work together to keep the Laurier Heights soccer program thriving and our community vibrant!


The Laurier Heights Community League