Barbara Stratton-Cramer writes:

It was in Canmore that my family and I first saw a lending library and experienced the charm and warmth of the idea. We wanted to bring the idea to two communities that are special to both my own family and my extended family: Crestwood and Laurier. This became particularly important during the pandemic.

John Albert built the Laurier lending library and Marco Saccomani built the Crestwood one. Each of these talented craftsmen created two different and totally unique looks, creatively designed for the outdoor space for which they were intended. My family dedicated these libraries to our parents who, were our first teachers and who instilled within us a love of books.

Thank you so much, Barbara and family, for your generous, thoughtful and already much loved Laurier lending library! Thank you also to John of Finesse Painting (, 780-436-4342) who did such an incredible job of designing, building and installing such a perfect fit for our hall!

If you haven’t check it out yet, given or received a book from it, be sure to make a visit next time you’re out and about the neighbourhood!

PS – And in case you’re wondering, the first book contribution was “The Complete Works of Oscar Wilde” at its installation of St. Patrick’s Day, 2021!